Apply for a scholarship

Details about how to apply for a scholarship at the University of Auckland.

Selection criteria

You should carefully read the regulations of the scholarship you are applying for to check for your eligibility and what is required of you.

Application forms

You'll find a link to the online application form on the page of the scholarship you are applying for. You must always source the application form directly from the Scholarships website.

Make sure you complete and submit an online application form to the Scholarships Office by the scholarship due date.

Written statement

Most application forms require a one-page written statement. You should only include information relevant to the application.

For example, you may include:

  • details of your proposed future study and career,
  • any relevant work experience (interests and/or community)
  • your achievements.

Academic record

If you have already completed some tertiary study at the University of Auckland, you don't need to provide an academic transcript with your application.

If you have academic records from any other university in New Zealand or overseas, then you must include transcripts showing all grades with your application.

International students

You are considered an international student, if you are not a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand or Australia. For important information about admission, enrolment and scholarships, you can visit International students.

Video tutorial: How to apply for a University of Auckland scholarship

Ready to apply for a scholarship? Watch our video tutorial below for
instructions and tips on using our online application system.

If you have questions that are not covered in the video, you can:

How scholarships are awarded

University of Auckland scholarship applications are submitted to a selection committee.

The selection committee normally consists of:

  • A senior acadmic in the appropriate faculty, such as the Dean or a Head of School or Department.
  • An academic staff member from the disciplinary area in which the scholarship is awarded.
  • A representative of the donor.

The selection committee makes its recommendation to the University of Auckland Council, which awards the scholarship.