Am I eligible?

Find out if you are eligible for scholarships and funding.

Scholarships and funding may be offered by the University of Auckland or through an external provider or donor. Each scholarship has its own set of regulations or requirements, so you need to read them carefully. You will also need to make sure your course of study is covered by the intention of the scholarship.

We have scholarships for a range of criteria:

  • academic merit - these are for high academic achievers and will usually specify a grade point average (GPA) that you need to meet to be considered for the scholarship
  • financial need or hardship - selection is based on your personal financial circumstances, particularly for urgent financial assistance with living costs. Taking out a student loan for tuition fees does not necessarily equate to financial need, covering basic accommodation, food and transport costs does
  • first in family to attend university - this means the student is the first in their family, including parents and siblings, to enrol at a university. Adoptive and step parents and siblings are considered part of the family where they have lived with the applicant for the previous five or more years
  • refugee background - students who have themselves or whose parents/primary guardian(s) have been granted refuge in New Zealand

Some scholarships have different eligibility criteria related to your citizenship or residency status. There are three main categories you'll see:

  • New Zealand citizen or permanent resident -  this means you will need to have New Zealand citizenship or have gained permanent resident status after meeting Immigration New Zealand's requirements
  • Domestic - this includes New Zealand citizens and permanent residents, as well as New Zealand resident visa holders, Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents residing in New Zealand
  • International -  this includes all students who are not a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, New Zealand resident visa holder, Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident residing in New Zealand

To help you find different kinds of funding and the eligibility requirements, you can search our scholarships database. The personal characteristics filters will help you to find scholarships that you might be eligible for.   

Visit Find a scholarship or award.

You can also find list of scholarships for some of the criteria listed above in the related links box.

We encourage you to apply for any scholarships and awards that you think you might be eligible for.

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