Overseas student activity travel registration

The 360 International team looks after the registration process for all University student activity travel with an international travel component for all sub-doctoral students. This page provides an overview of relevant resources for staff and students organising and approving University student travel activities.


University student activity travel refers to international travel for any sub-doctoral student activity:

  • undertaken to fulfil a requirement for academic progress at the University, 
  • ororganised and/or funded by the University, or
  • endorsed by 360 International or the Approving Manager and directly related to the student’s professional/academic development

University student activity travel does not include activities organised solely by a student or group of students unless they otherwise meet the above definition of University student activities.

The University of Auckland (UoA) provides international travel insurance to students with approved University student activity travel for programmes less than 90 days, which meet the conditions for eligiblity of coverage under the University Student Activity Travel Terms and Conditions. 

Information for staff

Any staff member supporting overseas student group travel activities and/or organizing student travel bookings must submit an Overseas University Student Activity Form to 360international@auckland.ac.nz at least 30 days in advance of any travel, with details of all participating students and the nature of the activity to be undertaken overseas. This includes University funded and student self-funded travel, and activities sponsored by external organisations in which students may be recognized as representing the University through participation in the overseas activities, e.g. case competitions, conferences, etc. Individual students taking part in an activity overseas which you become aware of may also be instructed to complete the Student International Travel Registration form directly.

If you have questions about whether an activity may be considered University student activity travel, or about the travel registration process, please contact the 360 International Manager, Chandra Leenheer. 

Student International Travel Registration

All University student activity involving international travel must be registered with 360 International in advance of departure, including student travel that has been booked through the University's approved Travel Management Company (TMC), Orbit. 

All students must record their travel plans and itinerary via the Student International Travel Registration Form at least 2 weeks prior to departure, with the exception of group travel bookings made through Orbit, in which case the staff member arranging travel must provide details directly to 360 International

Please note, semester exchange participants should submit their travel registration through the designated Semester Exchange Travel & Insurance Registration Form, a link for which will be provided by the 360 International team during the pre-departure process.