Gerontology is the study of health and care for the older members of our society.

Subject overview

"Geriatric" is a label used in healthcare to refer to members of our population age 65 and older.

With New Zealand's ageing population, workers in a range of medical and healthcare professions are increasingly being confronted by the challenge of caring for older people in the community. Studying gerontology will enhance your skills in this area. It is comprehensive and client orientated.

Gerontology at the University of Auckland has a strong interdisciplinary focus and has been developed for all health professional disciplines.

Where can gerontology take you?

Studying gerontology will equip you with the tools to improve delivery of care, the ability to reflect on current practice, and the means to positively influence changes in health care for older people.

A qualification in gerontology can benefit general practitioners, nurses, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, social workers and psychologists who wish to specialise in geriatric health.

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