Postgraduate study in Health Psychology

What can you study in Health Psychology?

You can study Health Psychology in a Master of Health Psychology, Postgraduate Diploma in Health Psychology or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Medical and Health Sciences.

You will gain understanding in areas such as:

  • Coping with illness and chronic disease
  • Promoting healthy behaviours
  • Psychological influences on the development of disease states
  • Improving adjustment in healthcare settings
  • Patient-practitioner communication
  • Adherence to treatment
  • Determinants of health-related behaviours (diet, exercise etc)
  • The ways in which individuals make sense of and react to health screening, symptoms and illness

Health Psychology graduates will have a sound knowledge of the social and psychological aspects of health problems and the application of suitable psychological interventions in health settings.


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Where can postgraduate study in Health Psychology take you?

Health Psychology offers a variety of rewarding and interesting roles for graduates.

Jobs related to Health Psychology

  • Clinical Health Psychologist
  • Community Health Psychologist
  • Occupational Health Psychologist

Further study options