Postgraduate study in Human Rights Law

What can you study in Human Rights Law?

For more information on a specialisation in Human Rights Law for the Master of Laws (LLM) or Master of Legal Studies (MLS) see postgraduate specialisations.

Human Rights courses vary each year and may include:

  • LAWPUBL 725 Privacy Law 
  • LAWPUBL 730 Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in National Law
  • LAWPUBL 732 Comparative Indigenous Rights Law
  • LAWPUBL 736 Human Rights Litigation
  • LAWPUBL 751 Special Topic: Litigating Human Rights - Law and Practice in Comparative Perspective
  • LAWPUBL 754 Special Topic: Comparative Human Rights Law
  • LAWPUBL 774 Human Rights
  • LAWPUBL 775 Human Rights Remedies
  • LAWPUBL 776 Human Rights: Selected Topics
  • LAWPUBL 777 Human Rights in Mental Health Law
  • LAWPUBL 778 Issues in Search and Surveillance
  • LAWPUBL 779 Special Topic: Counterterrorism and Constitutionalism 


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Help and advice

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