Postgraduate taught courses

We offer full semester courses and a range of short, intensive courses each year.

Digital course outlines for 2021 postgraduate courses are not currently available. You can view the 2021 timetables and short descriptions below. 

Please note that not all courses are offered in every semester or every year.

Part semester courses 2021

Code Title Points
LAWCOMM 772 Intellectual Property Law and Practice  15
LAWCOMM 779 Special topic: Regulation of International Trade  15
LAWCOMM 796  Trade Mark  and Related Rights 15

Full semester courses 2021

Code  Title Points
LAW 701  The Legal System: Sources, Structures and Method  30
LAWENVIR 710  International Environmental Law 30
LAWGENRL 711 Special topic: Corruption: Comparative and International Approaches  30
LAWGENRL 713  Selected Issues on Family Law 30

Intensive courses 2021

Code Title Points
LAW 700 Legal Research Methodology and Advanced Writing 0
COMLAW 740 Tax Base 30
COMLAW 747 Goods and Services Tax 15
LAWCOMM 731 Special topic: Global Commercial Contract Law 30
LAWCOMM 732 Special topic: Financial Markets Regulation 30
LAWCOMM 736 Special Topic: Selected Issues in Company Law
LAWCOMM 767 Special topic: Transfer Pricing 15
LAWCOMM 768 Special topic: Economic Analysis of the Law 15
LAWCOMM 775A International Tax Law   30
LAWCOMM 783 Avoidance Provisions 15
LAWCOMM 788 Special topic: Asia Pacific Tax 15
LAWENVIR 729  Special topic: Comparative Environmental Law
LAWGENRL 715 Special topic: Law of Not-for-Profits 30
LAWGENRL 721 Mediation 30
LAWGENRL 724 Special topic: Miscarriages of Justice 15
LAWPUBL 744 Special topic: Human Rights and Technology
LAWPUBL 747 Patients' Rights 15
LAWPUBL 752 Special topic: Contemporary Issues in International Law 30
LAWPUBL 754 Comparative Human Rights Law 30

Online courses 2021

Code Title Points
LAWPUBL 749 Special topic: Indigenous Persons: Law and Policy  30

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