Targeted Admission Scheme (Māori)

Auckland Law School offers entry into Part II under the Targeted Admission Scheme (Māori) to 32 eligible Māori Law students.


In order to be deemed eligible for consideration under the Targeted Admission Scheme (Māori), you must comply with all of the administrative requirements and your application must be approved by the faculty.

To meet the administrative requirements you must:

  • Identify as Māori and prove their whakapapa.
  • Complete the Targeted Admission Scheme (Māori) Application Form (including providing documentation where appropriate).
  • Complete the Student Services Online (SSO) application for admission into Part II enrolment process. Apply for admission on Student Service Online.

Application process

Students who are deemed eligible for consideration under the Targeted Admission Scheme go into a pool of "eligible Māori students". These students are ranked according to their academic performance in Part I which is calculated on the basis of their Grade Point Average.

You must identify as Māori and provide your iwi affiliation, your knowledge of te reo, participation in Māori community-based activities and participation in Māori academic programme initiatives for your current year of study.

This information will be updated in September 2023 to reflect changes in the LLB Part II admission requirements.

Please note:

There is no direct entry from secondary school into LLB Part II. You must first enrol in another university degree programme and also complete all LLB Part I pre-requisite courses. Not all students who complete Part I will be able to continue on to LLB Part II. Admission to Part II is limited and competitive. Your Part I results and results from your other university courses will be used to assess whether or not you will be selected for Part II. You will be selected on the basis of academic merit using grades awarded on your previous university studies. Special entry schemes for admission are available for students applying under the UTAS categories.. Selection and admission criteria for entry to LLB Part II may change each year

All of the above is subject to change each year

Application dates

Applications open from 1 September 2023.