Current LLB courses and timetables

Please note:

  1. Auckland Law School reserves the right to withdraw or substitute courses, and alter the timetable.
  2. You are not necessarily guaranteed a place in the stream of your choice or the classes of your choice.
  3. When enrolling in full-year compulsory courses, enrol for first and second semester at the beginning of the year.

For all official programme information, including regulations about entry, enrolment, fees, examinations, and requirements for degrees, diplomas and certificates, see the University Calendar.

Summer School timetable 2024

New timetable will be availabe in October 2023.

Undergraduate timetable 2023

Postgraduate timetable for undergraduate students 2023

Tutorial timetable 2023

Tutorial timetable - LAW 121G Clinics

Tutorial timetable - LAW 131 & LAW 141

LAW 301 Workshops including workshop dates

Tutorial Round Dates 2023

LAW 306 Tutorial round dates