Professional staff leadership

Professional Leadership

Director of Faculty Operations - Ada Marama
Director of Faculty FinanceGary Patterson
Career Development & Employer Engagement Manager - Kylie Chye
Communications & Marketing Manager - Lorraine Correia
Curriculum Development Manager - Oriel Kelly
Development Manager - Donald Lawrie
Group Services Manager - Louise Allan
Human Resources Manager - Robin Southall
KaiārahiWiremu Tipuna
Research Programme Manager - Dr Charlotte Bennett
Student Academic Development & Engagement Manager - Dr Suranjika Tittawella

Executive Assistant

Nadine Schneemann

Student services

Student Support Adviser - Genevieve Crinion
Student Support Adviser/Reception Administrator - Razleen Kaur
Student Support Adviser (Māori) - Tiana Trego Hall
Student Support Adviser (Moana Oceania) - Jeremiah Lafaele
Programme Adviser UG - Jemimah Khoo
Programme Adviser PG - Kelly Zhong

Career Development & Employer Engagement

Career Development Adviser - Amanda O'Halloran

Communications & Marketing

Communications & Marketing Manager - Lorraine Correia
Marketing Coordinator - Rose Stringer

Group Services

Group Services & Events Admin - Sarah-Jane Crewther
Group Services & Events Admin - Mina Hong
Programme Coordinator - Rachel Ho (starts 7th June)
Group Services & Events Admin - Sandra Shaw
Group Services Coordinator - Jane Zu