Applying for LLB Part II

We welcome applications to LLB Part II throughout the year until the closing date prior to the year you will seek admission into LLB Part II.

Applications for LLB Part II must be made online through the ‘Apply Now’ function.

We strongly encourage you to apply for LLB Part II no later than 1 October of the year prior to which you are applying.
The last date to apply is 1 December and applications after this date will not be accepted.

Entry requirements

To be considered for selection into LLB Part II, you need to have:

  • Passed LAW 121G
  • Passed LAW 131 and LAW 141 (or their equivalents) with at least a C+
  • Gained at least 75 points (or the equivalent) of non-law university degree courses
  • Passed all eight courses (120 points) with at least an overall average GPA of 3.00 (C+)

The minimum grade requirement mentioned may change each year.

Entry into LLB Part II will be calculated on the basis of your LawGPA. This is a specially calculated (non-standard) GPA which is used for the purpose of admission to LLB Part II. It includes grades from both your law and non-law courses.

The LawGPA required for admission will be determined by the Law Selection Committee in December year prior to admission.

The minimum LawGPA required for selection into LLB Part II can vary from year to year, depending on the number of applicants. In recent years the minimum grade required has been between a GPA of 5.0–6.7 (equivalent to a grade between a B and a B+).

Find information on how the LawGPA is calculated for admission into LLB Part II, applying for law transfer from another university, and frequently asked questions.

Guaranteed Entry into LLB Part II

Students with a LawGPA of 6.50 or higher (equivalent to a grade midway between A- and B+) will be guaranteed entry into LLB Part ll. Students with a LawGPA less than 6.50 will still be considered for selection into LLB Part ll.

UTAS admission to Part II

Our UTAS reserves a number of places in the LLB Part II programme for eligible tauira Māori, Moana Oceania students and applicants from some equity groups.

Find out more about UTAS at Auckland Law School.

Apply for admission

When applying, please make sure you choose the correct programme and specialisation.

To apply, please read ‘How to apply for undergraduate admission' and follow the steps.

When completing the “Programme Selection”, please note the following:

*Programme Type: Bachelors
*Programme Name:
E.g. Bachelor of Laws, or Conjoint: BA/LLB etc
*Major or Specialisation:


(Note: When you add the programme, the system will automatically fill in the specialisation/major as “Law Part I”. Click on it and delete the “Part I” text and “Law” will appear. “Law” is the correct specialisation to choose for LLB Part II. If you are applying for conjoint, you still need to select Law as one of your specialisations).

*Start Term
2024 Semester One
*Campus City

If you wish to continue with a conjoint, please ensure you apply for this. Only apply for the single LLB Part II programme if continuing with a single LLB degree

Please do not apply for the Law Honours Programme (LLB(Hons)). Students must have completed LLB Part I and II, to be eligible to apply for LLB(Hons).

Remember to submit your online application for LLB Part II no later than 1 December of the year prior to which you are applying.

Find more information about LLB(Hons).

Late applications

Late applications cannot be considered. However, if an extenuating circumstance prevented you from applying for LLB Part II by 1 December, you may submit an appeal for a late application to be accepted. 

Find more information on Appeals procedure for entry into LLB Part II.

Accept your offer of admission

The Law Selection Committee meets in December with offers of places for LLB Part II will be notified before the end of December. If you have not received a response to your application by early January, please follow up by contacting Student Hubs or emailing

There are a limited number of places in the LLB Part II programme. If you do not accept your position in the programme by 15 January which is indicated in the Offer of Place letter, we cannot guarantee you a place in the programme.

Students cannot defer their LLB Part ll offer to another year. Students will need to re-apply, with no guaranteed admission and will be required to meet any changes to the admission requirements.

Please see How to accept or decline an offer of place.

If you are unable to access the SSO website, please contact Student Hubs. For more help, please see Application for Admission.

Applicants with pending grades or Aegrotat applications at the time the Law Selection Committee meets will still be considered and offered a place should they meet the minimum LawGPA for 2024 Admissions.

Students admitted into LLB Part II do not need to meet any GPA requirements to remain in the programme unless considering LLB(Hons).

Find more information about LLB(Hons).


A waitlist is maintained each year as some students do not take up their first-round offer of place in LLB Part II. Students with a LawGPA just under the admission standard will be notified that they have been placed on the waitlist.

Waitlisted applicants will be notified in late January if a place becomes available. If a place is offered to you as a waitlisted applicant, it may be limited to certain courses and/or lecture streams due to availability.

Appeals in relation to admission into LLB Part II

Selection into LLB Part II is confirmed by the Law Selection Committee and is final. An unsuccessful applicant to LLB Part II may appeal to the Law School for a reconsideration of their application.

Find more information on Appeals procedure for entry into LLB Part II.

Enrol in classes

To be eligible to enrol for LLB Part II courses, students must have:

  • applied for LLB Part II
  • be admitted unconditionally and
  • have accepted the offer of a place before 15 January

As condition of admission to LLB Part II, students must enrol for LAW 298AB Legal Research, Writing, and Communication (10pts) and at least one other LLB Part II full-year course. Failure to do so will result in students being withdrawn from the LLB Part II programme.

Please note that all LLB Part II courses are full-year courses. Students must self-enrol for both A and B components (i.e. both Semester One and Two) before the second Friday of Semester One.

Find information on how and when to enrol in courses.

The faculty has limitations on enrolments in many courses and does not guarantee you a place in the stream or class of your choice. Enrol as early as you can to avoid disappointment.

Students are unable to enrol in any LLB Part III courses until all LLB Part II courses have been completed. Requisite waivers for law courses are not permitted. Students may however enrol into law electives (400 level law courses), so long as the pre/corequisites have been met.

Find information on Law Courses, LLB Requirements, and Law School Timetables.

Transferring LLB Part II and III students are may be unable to self-enrol for LLB Part III/IV courses as SSO may be unable to detect requisites having been met. If this happens, please apply for concessions.

Find information on how and when to enrol in courses.


It is important to take into consideration what workload you work best at, whether you will be working, as well as whether you have other commitments/responsibilities.

The normal workload per semester is 60 points per semester, with the maximum enrolment limit being 30 points in summer school and 80 points per semester. On paper, the number of points you have may look manageable, but it is important to also take into consideration the number of exams you may have.

Find more information on how many courses to enrol in, and degree planning.

Adding and deleting courses

There are deadlines to add/drop courses with refund of fees.

Late Deletion is available to students who are unable to continue with their study because of exceptional circumstances such as illness, injury, or events beyond their control.

Find information on changing your enrolment and the difference between late deletion and withdrawal.

Help and advice

For any help and advice on any aspect of your studies and life at the University of Auckland, contact Student Hubs or email