Logic and Computation

Logic and Computation is the study of the development of computer languages.

Subject overview

If you have a flexible mind that’s capable of creative, speculative thought, along with precise calculation, problem solving and design, then Logic and Computation is a great subject for you. It’s a combination of courses from Computer Science, Linguistics, Mathematics and Philosophy.

Studying Logic and Computation can help you develop conceptual and analytical skills. You’ll examine the structure, design and limitations of symbolic representations and procedures in both human thought and computer software.

Logic and Computation is taught by experts in both the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Arts. We are the only university in New Zealand to offer this undergraduate programme.

Where can Logic and Computation take you?

You could be in a position to have a career in research in universities or the IT industry. Logic and Computation can also be useful for any career requiring skills in analysis, precise and creative thinking, and the ability to communicate clearly. This is a rare and versatile combination of skills that is highly valued and sought after in the business world.

Career options with an Arts degree

Meet a graduate

This subject is unique. Once you have studied it, you won’t forget it because it not only teaches you something practical, but also how to approach and solve problems of any kind.

Jack Lin

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