Postgraduate study in Population Mental Health

What can you study in Population Mental Health

You can study this subject in the Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences or the Master of Health Sciences and Master of Health Practice.

The Faculty of Education and Social Work also offers this subject in the Master of Social and Community Leadership and Postgraduate Certificate in Social and Community Leadership.

The study areas covered include:

  • Mental health - a strengths-based approach, not just an absence of mental illness.
  • Key concepts of recovery - resilience, spirituality, empowerment, hope.
  • Designing innovative group/community projects to foster or improve mental health.
  • Promoting mental health (eg, mental health literacy, happiness) for the population.
  • Strategies for influencing social, community and institutional conditions that affect mental health, to primary healthcare for patients presenting with mental health issues with a focus on: assessment and management of depression, anxiety, phobias, pain and adjustment disorders in primary care.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy techniques for depression.
  • Assessment and management in child and adolescent mental health in primary care (depression, ADHD, eating disorders, somatic problems).
  • Mental and physical health – the long term relationship.
  • Older adults – depression and dementia.


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Population Mental Health in the Master of Health Practice.

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Population Mental Health in the Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences.