Sociology explores topical social issues and seeks to understand the modern world.

Subject overview

Sociology pays special attention to questions of power and social justice. It places particular emphasis on theory, research methods and social policy.

By studying Sociology you can examine and analyse different aspects of modern society such as:

  • Family
  • Social justice
  • Medicine
  • Youth cultures
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Environmental problems
  • Popular culture
  • Health and illness
  • Disasters
  • Ethnic identities
  • The social construction of knowledge

Where can Sociology take you?

Sociology develops analytical and research skills. Sociology graduates have careers in policy analysis, central and local government, the media and journalism, social and health research, business, marketing and union advocacy.

Career options with an Arts degree

Explore your study options in Sociology

How can we create fairer societies in Aotearoa New Zealand?

Consider issues of social justice through Sociology, Criminology, Gender Studies and Māori Studies.