Theological and Religious Studies

Theological and Religious Studies explores fundamental questions about meaning, community and identity.

Subject overview

How do we evaluate different beliefs and practices? How do theology and religion continue to shape the contemporary world, and how do we understand and negotiate theological and religious differences? Theological and Religious Studies at the University of Auckland provides opportunities to dig into these questions, learning about and critically reflecting on the diverse commitments of people in and beyond Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our courses include a range of interdisciplinary approaches to religion, drawing from sociology, history, theology, gender studies and biblical studies. The programme has particular strengths in religious history, Asian religions, Christianity, contextual and liberation theologies, and Pacific theology and religion.

Courses in Theological and Religious Studies

Where can Theological and Religious Studies take you?

Theological and Religious Studies provides a solid foundation for a variety of careers. Students develop investigative, interpretative and critical skills that have broad applicability. Our students hold a wide range of religious, spiritual and secular commitments. Some have gone on to work in education, politics, the NGO sector, community development, and for churches and religious communities.

Theological and Religious Studies allow students to critically reflect on and better understand their own commitments and to develop a deeper appreciation of the diversity of human belief and practice. Theological and Religious Studies will enrich your personal life and open new doors for professional development.

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Who are we as New Zealanders?

Unpack identity in Aotearoa through Politics and International Relations, Art History and Theological and Religious Studies.