Liggins Institute

Pania is a PhD candidate in Biomedical Science at the Liggins Institute. She is researching the effects of artificial sweetener in the maternal diet on offspring fertility and health outcomes.

Pursuing a passion

“My honours project introduced me to the area of DOHaD, which emphasises the importance of the early developmental environment (pregnancy, lactation, even preconception) on the future health of offspring.

"I found the area very interesting and knew that I wanted to continue further postgraduate studies after my honours degree. It then seemed natural to start my PhD in the area. I hope this qualification will enable me to continue research in this growing field in future years."

Deciding where to study

"I am originally from Wellington. Auckland has been a surprisingly easy city to move to, and I’ve really enjoyed living here while studying. It’s easy to travel to other cities from Auckland and get around the central suburbs and city centre.

The University of Auckland offered a PhD programme that suited my needs and I found the Liggins Institute’s research themes aligned well with my interests, so it was an easy decision to study here. Developing friendships with my fellow Liggins Institute PhD students has been really easy. They are all willing to stop and chat and make new students feel welcome."

I like the flexibility of the programme and the support from staff and students alike.

Future opportunities

“My degree will help teach me invaluable lab and research skills. The ability to travel to local and international conferences to discuss my work and hear about other research in my area of interest has been a great way of sharing knowledge, making contacts, and seeing what opportunities might be out there following my PhD.”

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