Lucy (Yixin) Wei is a Master of Commerce in Accounting graduate, first year PhD student and Graduate Teaching Assistant.

My postgraduate experience

“After working for several years, I decided to further my study. When I was thinking of where to go, New Zealand was the first place that came to mind. It has beautiful scenery, friendly people and diverse culture. I chose University of Auckland’s masters programme as it is the top university in New Zealand, and its accounting and finance department ranks high internationally.

“During my masters studies, I had great support from the teaching staff and their enthusiasm fostered my interest in accounting research. With no hesitation, I chose to continue my PhD studies at the University of Auckland.”

“PhD study has changed my attitude towards life. I now think
in a more positive way.”

Further study

“Starting PhD study is a serious decision. Before making the decision, talk to some PhD students about their study and life so that you can get a feeling about whether you’ll like it. Having a face-to-face talk with the teaching staff in your department helps a lot.

“Another piece of advice that I got from a famous accounting professor is to do what you are good at. It is a virtuous cycle that makes you more confident and more passionate.”

Lucy is a recipient of the University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship.

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