ASTRO 200G Astrobiology

ASTRO 200G | OPEN | City Campus | Semester Two | New in 2020


Astrobiology examines the potential of the universe to harbour life using interdisciplinary perspectives from Geology, Biology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Philosophy, and Ethics. Key topics include the origin and evolution of life, definitions and environmental limits of life, and how to search for life beyond earth.

Learning outcomes

Students learn about:

- social and environmental responsibilities;

- scientific and indigenous world views on life’s origins;

- the distribution of habitable environments in the universe;

- current debates about the promise space may hold in the future of humankind.


·  5 x weekly tests: 50% (10 x 5%)

·  Journal entries: 25% (5 x 5%)

·  Final examination: 25%

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