DESIGN 102G Design Futures

DESIGN 102G | Open | Semester One & Two 2021| City Campus | 15 points


How and why do design practices evolve, respond to and influence change? In this course students learn how to apply a design approach to complement current practice and expand future career prospects. It offers insight into what motivates designers, what tools they use, and how they collaborate with others in diverse contexts. They will learn how to speculate on the potential conditions, causes and contingencies for future design practices. Students will also apply analytical and practical methods to design.

Learning outcomes

Students will: 

  • learn how designers adapt models and methods to local and global conditions;
  • develop their own criteria for design success and failure; 
  • explore the links between science, fiction and speculative design as a way to imagine futures;
  • consider how technological, political and environmental challenges influence design;
  • participate in workshops on how to develop and prototype design concepts.

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