DRAMA 100G Presentation and Performance: Taking the Stage

DRAMA 100G | Open | Semester One 2024 | City Campus | 15 points


This course is about finding out what matters to you and figuring out how to effectively communicate this, directly through speech, and creatively through theatre. Along the way we will use reflective writing as a tool for self-development. We hope that you will complete this course with a deeper sense of your own unique voice, and the confidence to express this voice in the world.

Below you will find the learning outcomes  for the course. As important as these are the course values, which shape all of the work that we do and are integral to course learning.

Course Values:

1. Whanaungatanga/Belonging - creating a respectful community where each person upholds our core values, working together, growing together.

2. Manaakitanga/hospitality - respecting and caring for one another, prioritizing listening and seeking to understand.

3. Fiafia, Fiefie/Fun - let’s enjoy the journey and each other’s company!

4. Tautinoga/Commitment (respecting ourselves and others by fulfilling our obligations).

5. Tukanga auahatanga/Creativity (making, dreaming, imagining, shaping).

6. Mafaufauga/Thinking, Intuition (perceptive thought, our inner voice, to our bodies, opening to what others and the environment are communicating).

7. Fai faalelei/Thoroughness - we tackle every challenge to the best of our ability, do it well!

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Understand the principles of effective public speaking
  2. Improve your confidence in public performance 
  3. Develop and demonstrate the vocal and physical skills that underlie effective performance
  4. Develop the skills to work effectively in a team
  5. Create a dynamic original presentation

Class limits for 2022

This course has a class limit of 225, priorities will be given to students admitted in Bachelor of Communication and Bachelor of Arts majoring in Drama.

Student Feedback

'I appreciated the practical and very physical workshop classes a lot. It was a safe and fun environment to develop my skills in.'

'I really enjoyed the friendly, relaxed state of the workshops, a sense of togetherness and community; I think it helped shy people (including myself) to be able to present a good speech.'

'This course fosters a whanau–like atmosphere. Learning is easy when you feel as comfortable and open as we were made to feel with each other.'

'I found all the content we covered very interesting. The teachers all seemed very into what they were teaching, also the students seemed into it too, which isn't always the case in other courses. Overall, the environment helped my learning as did my tutor who was very approachable if we had questions.'

'It was cool to meet and connect with people in the workshops, and my tutor was amazing!'

'The weekly workshops with a smaller number of students were brilliant. Highly engaging activities, that forced us to use and develop a variety of skills and techniques, and to form close connections with our fellow class members.'

'There were some really good readings available as well as videos which really helped me learn more about particular concepts and be creative. Having guest speakers in and having a speech workshop during lecture time was also very useful.'

'During the workshops I learned the most in terms of practical theatrics, while the lectures exposed me to many different aspects of the world of drama.'

'The feedback given was very helpful and was not simply criticism.'

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