EDUC 100G The Creative Process

EDUC 100G | Open | Semester Two 2024 | City Campus | 15 points


Theories and practices of creativity will be examined and practically explored through a variety of disciplines, such as the arts, biology, psychology, sociology, philosophy and education. What is creativity? Can creativity be learnt? What happens in the brain when we are creative? These are some of the questions addressed in this course.

Note: You can not take a General Education course in a subject that appears elsewhere in your degree, students in programmes that require them to take EDUCATION courses e.g. BA in Education, BEdTchg, BEd(TESOL) and BSportHPE, can not meet their General Education requirements using EDUC 100G. 

Student Feedback

'I liked the way that we had a different theme each week, it really got me thinking about creativity in a wide framework. I have to say this course has been one of my favourites so far throughout uni, just because it really makes me view education and the way we teach so differently, and it makes me want to just go around schools changing how we do things to make it more effective and build off the things I learned in this course.'

'I liked the range of topics from scientific creativity to fine arts, dance and music.'

'Interactive and thought provoking ... often got us to think out of the box.'

'The tutorials have been by far the best of any course ... incredibly fun but also relevant to the content of the lectures.'

'We had many different activities in the tutorial, such as art gallery tour, group discussions, ice–breaking games. These fun activities really helped me to understand the course concepts. And the teacher created a comfortable and relaxing learning environment for us.'

'The tutorials were amazing ... also loved the lectures and guest lecturers.'

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