LATIN 100G Introduction to Latin Language 1

LATIN 100G | Open | Semester One 2024 | City Campus | 15 points


Latin 100/100G is a beginner’s course which requires no prior knowledge of the language. In this course students develop a working knowledge of Latin, including principles of word formation and sentence structure. Each week students attend three lectures and one small-group tutorial, and active participation is encouraged in both class formats. Students, from the first weeks of the course, engage in translation accompanied by introductory literary analysis. This course also contextualizes the Latin language historically and culturally through a series of general lectures which outline the times and places in which Latin has been used.

The course is of interest to a wide variety of students, including those in Classics and Ancient History, those interested in the development of languages, and those in fields in which Latin terms and their derivatives are prevalent (e.g. science, medicine and law). The course provides an important foundation for study in Classics and Ancient History, especially the study of Roman antiquity. Students who are successful in Latin 100 may enroll in Latin 101 in semester two, and these two papers together provide a comprehensive introduction to the Latin language.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Translate from Latin to English, and vice-versa, using knowledge of grammar and translation skills.
  2. Analyse and interpret Latin sentences, and express this analysis clearly.
  3. Describe the social and cultural context of Latin works from antiquity. 
  4. Explain broadly the significance of the Latin language culturally, linguistically and historically. 

Learning Resources

Course materials are made available in a learning and collaboration tool called Canvas which also includes reading lists and lecture recordings (where available).

Please remember that the recording of any class on a personal device requires the permission of the instructor.

The required text book for this course is: Wheelock's Latin: The Classic Introductory Latin Course, by Frederic Wheelock (revised by Richard A. LaFleur), published by HarperCollins, 7th edition (2011).

It is important to purchase the correct (7th) edition of the text, as it has been modified from previous editions. This text is compulsory for both Latin 100 and Latin 101.

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