LAW 121G Law and Society

LAW 121G | ARTS, BE, EDSW, EMHSS, LC | Summer School, Semester One & Two 2021 | City Campus | 15 points


The course will encourage you to think about the characteristics of the New Zealand legal system and to develop your own views on how the law and legal system relate to important issues within our society:

  • Why do we have the type of legal system we have?
  • What were, and are, the influences that frame it?
  • How does it affect different groups of people?
  • How does a legal system derived from Britain in the colonial era relate to the rights of Māori and the duties of the Crown under the Treaty of Waitangi?
  • Are there alternative systems that would more adequately meet the needs of all peoples in this country?

Topics Covered

  • The branches of government and their historical background
  • Comparative concepts of law
  • The concept of 'property'
  • Law and rights
  • Constitutional directions

Student Feedback

'The content of the course was very interesting and the lectures were very useful and easy to understand.'

'The course was very interesting and intellectually stimulating. It has a very clear outline in the syllabus and some very well selected and current readings included with the course materials.'

'The lecturers notes and lectures were top quality.'

'An incredible lecturer with amazing experience and background to hold the classes attention.'

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