MEDSCI 100G Human Mind and Body Relationships

MEDSCI 100G | Open | Semester One 2021 | City Campus | 15 points


What makes you human? Why do you think and feel the way you do? How does the structure of your body affect your thoughts and feelings, and how do your thoughts and feelings affect your body? What does your brain have to do with your thoughts and feelings, your mind, your soul and your spirit, and what are "mind", "soul"and "spirit" anyway? Why do humans seem to be so different from other animals?

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you should know:

  • About human biology, human anatomy, brain structure and function
  • How and why people are different from machines
  • Mental processes
  • How our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and expectations affect how our bodies work (using examples such as "placebo" effects)
  • Why humans cooperate in social and cultural groups

Student Feedback

“The course was fascinating and stimulating. Well worth it.”

“Very enjoyable. I would recommend it to just about anyone.”

“It has made me want to take other subjects associated with it in my degree.”

“Made me really think about what we were learning.”

“The lecturers are really enthusiastic about their job which is the best thing – I love 'em!”

“The course helped me broaden my view.”

“Extremely interesting and stimulating and helped me in the field of my degree.”

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