MEDSCI 101G Environmental Threats to Human Health

MEDSCI 101G | Open | Semester Two 2022 | City Campus | 15 points


Our environment sustains our lives but at times threatens our health. These threats may occur naturally, or arise from damage we have inflicted on the environment. This course considers health impacts of climate change, pollution, lifestyle choices, poverty and affluence, workplace hazards, emerging infectious diseases, and dangers affecting cancer risk.

Student Feedback

In response to the question 'What was most helpful for your learning?' students wrote:

'Learning about the body and how environments affect it.'

'Museum visit was great! It was interesting to see examples of what was taught in class.'

'Lectures were very informative  – learnt so much from them. Workbooks given out on day one very helpful. Lectures were great.'

'The assignments helped my understanding and were especially interesting because of their relevance today. The museum trip also helped a lot to put everything in perspective.'

'The lecture handout notes were VERY helpful, they made it easier to focus on the content/flow of the lecture without having to worry about unknown scientific terms/models. Clear visual diagrams simplifying the complex ideas were also very helpful in gaining a better understanding.'

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