TONGAN 101G Tongan Language 1

TONGAN 101G | Open | Semester One 2024 | City Campus | 15 points


TONGAN 101 will enable you to attain an initial degree of spoken and written competence in the language, study its structure, and appreciate some forms of Tongan literature, such as songs and speeches.  TONGAN 101 will also study important Tongan customs and traditions in Tongan, including hiva (singing), kava-drinking, and wearing ta‘ovala,(mat tied around the waist).      

Courses in Tongan would be of interest if you are Tongan and have lost or are in the process of losing your native tongue, or if you wish to master communication skills in Tongan for purposes of better interaction with the Tongan community or for further study and research. Tongan may also interest you if you are pursuing studies in language-related fields such as linguistics.  

Restriction: May not be taken if a more advanced language acquisition course in this subject has previously been passed.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Know and use greetings and introductions in the speech level of commoners. 
  2. Understand the different speech levels of Tongan (everyday language, chiefly language, regal language, formal, polite orator language, self-derogatory language, language of abuse).
  3. Conduct simple conversations about everyday things in the everyday language. 
  4. Know and use in writing most of the rules of the official orthography. 
  5. Write basic descriptive paragraphs about a family. 
  6. Write basic descriptive paragraphs about important Tongan customs. 
  7. Narrate orally or in writing an important legend. 
  8. Know and apply some grammatical rules in Tongan sentences. 
  9. Use the correct possessive pronoun in familiar possessive relationships. 
  10. Know and use up to 500 lexical words for things in the immediate environment. 

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