YOUTHWRK 152G Understanding New Zealand Youth

YOUTHWRK 152G ❘ BE, EMHSS, LC ❘ Semester Two 2021 ❘ City Campus | 15 points


This course examines the concept of "youth" and the social, economic and political contexts in which young people live in New Zealand society. You’ll explore the concept of youth as a fundamental aspect of human development, identity and culture. We'll discuss the ways that we learn about what it is to be a young person in New Zealand today. Possible topics include:

  • Positive youth development
  • Sexual, cultural, and personal identity development
  • Important contexts for youth development: Family, schools and youth programmes
  • Youth citizenship and participation
  • Youth delinquency, violence and the lawyouth and the media
  • Youth health and well-being

The course provides opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of the concept of "youth" and its interrelationship with ideas and prescriptions of "normal behaviour".

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Critically evaluate the public portrayal of young people in New Zealand
  • Understand how the social environment shapes a young person’s development
  • Describe strategies that promote the positive development of young New Zealanders

Student Feedback

'I really enjoyed this course. Having guest lectures who worked in different areas of youth development opened up a whole new world of career possibilities for me and helped me to understand and elate the content.'

'Having guest lecturers was a really awesome opportunity to hear the experiences and ideas from people who are actively working in the field, and that really inspired me to want to do more in this field of work and study.'

'Loved the approachability of the tutors and the scaffolded assignment. It made the course less stressful in terms of assignments and grades which allowed me to focus on the learning the course content rather than worry about the content I needed for the assignment.'

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