TFC graduation and further study

A special graduation ceremony is held at the end of the academic year, usually in late November or early December. Graduates can apply for admission to our bachelor level programmes or those at other tertiary providers.

Eligibility for graduation

You must successfully complete the Tertiary Foundation Certificate programme to be eligible to graduate.

2016 graduation ceremony

Date and time

Wednesday 30 November 2016, 5.45pm


Fale Pasifika

Certificates will be presented to you by senior members of the University of Auckland.  

Applying for undergraduate study

You are welcome to apply for admission to a University of Auckland undergraduate programme after completing your TFC. We encourage you to apply for more than one programme.

Wait until you know your TFC results before applying for any bachelor programmes. This means our system will recognise your University Entrance status.

Some undergraduate qualifications have higher entry requirements than others. We recommend you contact the relevant faculty before applying.

Where to get advice

  • Our course coordinators and tutors
  • Students' centres on campus

Find out more about our undergraduate programmes.