The Samoan population is the largest Pacific ethnic group in New Zealand. Our Samoan courses complement the efforts of the Samoan community to maintain and develop the language.

Areas of study

You can build up spoken and written skills in Samoan whether you are a beginner, a fluent speaker, or have done Samoan for NCEA. You can study it as part of BA major in the BA, or as a subject for the Diploma in Languages or Certificate in Languages.

You can study Samoan in the following programmes:

What you will learn

Studying Samoan will help you to understand the complexities of fa'a Samoa (Samoan culture), Samoan values and world-views. It can enrich your study of subjects such as Anthropology, Pacific Studies and Linguistics. For New Zealand born Samoans, studying Samoan is a great opportunity to learn more about your cultural and linguistic heritage.

Career opportunities

Knowledge of Samoan can be useful for careers in education, the public service, social services and welfare, business, marketing, journalism, language teaching, interpreting and translation.

More information

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