Speech Language Therapy


Speech language therapy is the diagnosis and treatment of communication and swallowing difficulties. Communication difficulties may occur in the areas of language (the content and format of what we say and the way we say it), speech (the sounds we use and how we produce them), voice and fluency (stuttering/stammering).

Areas of study

The Master of Speech Language Therapy Practice provides students with a clinical qualification in speech language therapy. Direct clinical experience working alongside a qualified speech and language therapist is a core component of this course. This experience is gained both in the on-site clinic and out on field placements.

You can study Speech Language Therapy in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will gain skills to diagnose and treat the full range of speech, language, fluency, voice and swallowing problems in both adult and child populations.

Career opportunities

Speech language therapists work with clients of all ages, but may specialise in adult or paediatric clinical areas after they graduate. There are many opportunities for speech language therapists in New Zealand.

More information

New Zealand Speech-language Therapists' Association