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  • Parents - the first career advisers
    19 July 2016
    Parents are most often the key influencers in the career decisions of their children. The question is – how relevant is their advice? Is it based on their personal biases, or is it based in the reality of the world of work we now live in?
  • Living the dream in San Francisco
    30 June 2016
    Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Golden Gate Bridge or working for an amazing tech company? Well, you can do both at the same time! Find out more about Ben Reynold's experience working in the USA.
  • Top career advice from a recent grad
    21 June 2016
    Want to get an amazing graduate role? Find out more about Jhonny Gaglione's experience and how he landed a job at Watercare!
  • Want to work overseas?
    14 June 2016
    Experiencing what it's like to live and work overseas can expand your networks, open your mind, boost your confidence and help you develop a whole lot of awesome skills. Plus, you get to see the world while you're doing it! Find out more about Hannah French's experience working in the USA.

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