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  • Work experience - a foot in the door
    19 May 2016
    Have you thought about getting some work experience or applying for an internship? If not, start thinking about it now! Work experience and internships are incredibly valuable for many reasons. They can help you develop your capabilities, leadership skills and networks – and that’s just scratching the surface.
  • Will a degree guarantee you a job?
    10 May 2016
    A degree demonstrates many desirable qualities to an employer, such as work ethic, intelligence and the ability to learn. However, an increasing number of employers are looking at what an applicant can offer overall, rather than for a specific qualification.
  • Workshop in Focus: Interview Practice
    20 April 2016
    The prospect of an upcoming job interview can be nerve-wrecking, even for people with significant experience in the working world. This workshop will help to boost your confidence and ensure you make the best impression possible.
  • How 'The Bachelor' parallels the job application process: Part 2
    12 April 2016
    CDES has collated the essential list of Do’s and Don’ts that every student needs to know to prepare for the potential of rejection in the job hunt.

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