Sociology explores topical social issues and seeks to understand the modern world.

Areas of study

Postgraduate study in Sociology allows you to advance your knowledge of sociological literature, theories and methods, while you develop your own research interests. Study and research opportunities reflect the department's research strengths: social policy, family, gender, ethnicity, health, the history of modernity, development and poverty, genocide and death, tourism, religion, migration, law, capitalism and neoliberalism.

You can study Sociology in the following programmes:

What you will learn

Sociology develops analytical and research skills. In Sociology we are interested in how the individual relates to society and how societies change across time. You can examine and analyse different aspects of modern society, eg, popular culture and the media, sexuality, ethnic identities, crime, religion, social justice and the family.

Career opportunities

Graduates with a postgraduate degree in Sociology have been valued for their research skills, their ability to critique existing understandings and provide innovative ways to think about social contexts, business and market environments, political and social movements. Our graduates have careers in business, local and national government, social welfare, media and journalism, social and health research, marketing, policy analysis, town planning, law enforcement and education.

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