Learning and teaching workstream

Workstream 2 of the Disability Action Plan focuses on accessible and inclusive learning and teaching platforms and practices. This work considers how staff will achieve good practice.

These are the deliverables and associated tasks. The task tracking and status are updated every six months: current update as of July 2023.

Please email all feedback and suggestions to Vicki Watson, Manager – Equity.

Equitable student experience in the digital environment

  • Digital learning and teaching platforms undergo an accessibility audit. Students and staff with disabilities will inform how to address gaps.
    Tracking:  On track
    Status: Green, no issues identified
  • Define good practice for flexible learning and the application of Universal Design principles. Understand the implications for staff and students for achieving good practice.
    Tracking:  On track
    Status: Green, no issues identified
  • A more consistent student experience of Canvas based on Universal Design for Learning
    Tracking:  On track
    Status: Green, no issues identified
  • Provide training for staff to deliver accessible and inclusive learning and teaching. Staff and students with disabilities inform training content.
    On track
    Status: Green, no issues identified

Achievements to date:

  • Business case developed and approved for UDOIT accessibility tool.
  • Team of Learning Technologists appointed and running the UDOIT Accessibility Checker on over 1,800 courses.
  • Working group established to lead the development of a university-wide portal, TeachWell to support good learning and teaching.
  • TeachWell launched along with resources to support good practice across academic staff.
  • Canvas Baseline Practices developed and endorsed by the Teaching and Learning Quality Committee and Education Committee. We have defined a process for determining which courses meet the Canvas Baseline Practices.
  • Initial scoping work carried out on inclusive and accessible learning training. Findings will help to embed good practice training for inclusive and accessible learning at the University.
  • Appointment of a dedicated 0.2FTE staff member within Learning and Teaching Design Team | Ranga Auaha Ako to maintain TeachWell resources.

Next steps:

  • Commence course by course accessibility audit under Canvas Baseline Practices using the UDOIT Accessibility Checker.
  • Seek a dedicated role to ensure TeachWell and learning and teaching resources are current and dynamic.

Good practice in flexible learning and teaching

  • Understand good practice for inclusive learning. This is broader than digital learning and teaching practices. It will include such things as field trips, practicums, and work-based learning.
    Status: Begins late 2023.

Next steps:

  • Mapping and understanding how good practice in flexible learning and teaching relates to existing University work programmes under the Curriculum Framework Transformation work.