Equity Policy Review 2022

The purpose of the Equity Policy is to identify overarching principles, responsibilities and expectations for all of the Waipapa Taumata Rau, University of Auckland community.

The current Equity Policy (hereafter referred to as policy) was approved on 11 December 2017 and was due for review on 11 December 2020.

The current review process began with bringing together a working group. This group started with a blank page, enabling the first draft of the policy to reflect their diverse perspectives.

The policy will be reviewed every five years with a formal review and consultation process. The policy is operationalised through related procedures and guidelines.

The current guidelines were approved in December 2020. While they are not due for review until December 2023, they will be updated after approval of the new policy, and can be more frequently reviewed, updated, and added to if needed, so they remain responsive and contemporary. 

The Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Equity is responsible for several equity-related policies. These will be reconfigured as procedures and guidelines that are linked to the new policy and describe how the policy will be implemented in a range of key areas. For example, the following policies and procedures will be refreshed to reflect and operationalise the new policy:

  • Protection of identity information
  • Undergraduate Targeted Admissions Scheme
  • Staff with disabilities
  • Work, life, family and carers
  • Achievement relative to opportunity

Human Resources is also responsible for several equity-related policies. These may also be refreshed to reflect and implement the updated policy. These include:

  • Flexible work
  • Parental leave
  • Impartial employment decision making
  • Addressing bullying, harassment and discrimination

This work will take place over the coming months and years as policies and procedures are scheduled for review. Existing guidelines will also be refreshed, and new procedures and guidelines developed to address any gaps identified.

Equity Policy Review Working Group

The Equity Policy Review Working Group (EPRWG) leads the drafting of the new policy and provides essential thought leadership, advice and recommendations for this important process. The Review Working Group are guided by the Pro Vice-Chancellors Equity, Māori, and Pacific alongside and with the expertise of the Toitū Waipapa Group.

The Equity Policy review working group members are highly diverse, with a wide range of lived experience and expertise.

  • Professor Robert Greenberg, EPRWG Chair
    Dean of Arts, Faculty of Arts
  • Associate Professor Terryann Clark
    Cure Kids Chair in Mental Health
    School of Nursing, Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences
  • Jason Tutara
    Director of Digital Innovation, Digital Services
  • Alofa So’olefai
    President of the Auckland University Students Association (AUSA)
  • Dr Patrick Thomsen
    Senior Lecturer, School of Cultures, Languages & Linguistics, Faculty of Arts
  • Professor Missy Morton
    School of Critical Studies in Education, Faculty Education & Social Work
  • Shahela Qureshi
    Muslim Chaplain, Maclaurin Chaplaincy
  • Avi Nair
    Campus Care Team Leader, Campus Life
  • Associate Professor Jan Eldridge
    Head of Department, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science
  • Professor Jennifer Curtin
    Director, Public Policy Institute
    School of Social Sciences: Politics & International Relations, Faculty of Arts
  • Dr Guillermo Merelo
    Associate Director Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Human Resources

How you can help

We welcome and encourage your whakaaro thoughts and ideas. A draft policy will be available for all University students and staff to review and provide feedback on through the Policy Hub from 16 August to midnight 6 September 2022. The link to the draft policy will be added here on 16 August, and will also be circulated through usual University student and staff communication channels.  

Policy timeline

March to August 2022

Benchmarking, research, EPRWG meetings and consultations including with:

16 August to 6 September 2022

University wide consultation and feedback through the Policy Hub, a direct link will be added here on 16 August

September 2022

Feedback compiled and a new draft developed

October to November 2022

Revised draft policy and final feedback including with Equity Action Network and University Equity Leadership Committee

December 2022

Final policy approved by the Vice-Chancellor