Equity in recruitment, selection and appointment

This page provides advice on best practice in recruitment and selection. It also provides links to University resources that will assist in achieving the objectives of “maintaining and strengthening our core of excellent Māori staff” and a diverse representative workforce.

Inclusive recruitment: support for hiring managers and recruitment and selection committees

The following comprehensive recruitment toolkit for faculties and service divisions provides strategies and ideas drawn from best practice nationally and internationally particularly from the university sector.

We seek to ensure our recruitment process is equitable and inclusive by identifying and eliminating bias and unfair practices and support equitable access, participation, engagement and success for all staff particularly Māori, Women, people with disabilities, Pacific people, LGBTQITakatpuiMVPFAFF+ and wherever there are barriers to success and under-representation.

The toolkit supports the implementation of the University’s Equity and Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Policy and Procedures.

Further advice on recruitment is available in the HR Manager’s Toolkit.

Equity policies, guidelines and checklists

Professional development