Career development and mentoring

Career development

Career development opportunities and training are consistently ranked highly in influencing job satisfaction for mature-age employees. However, access to appropriate continued learning and development is often limited for these workers.

Mature age staff should have equal access to training and development opportunities to maintain skills, careers and productivity. EVOLVE and APR discussions can assist managers to enhance all employees’ performance and job satisfaction no matter what their age or length of service. They can also help support mature age staff beyond vertical career promotions.

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Opportunities for career development.

Mentoring and coaching

Having knowledge and experience are benefits of being a mature worker. These in turn can be shared with younger and/or less experienced staff. Managers can encourage more senior staff to consider this option.

Reciprocal mentoring may also work really well. For example, many baby boomer staff can learn from the technologically savvy millennial generation while guiding them with their professional and management experience.

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How to be a successful mentor