In an emergency

Rachael on the phone

In an emergency call 111

Ask for police and give exact location

111 Website

When to call the police

  • When there is imminent danger
  • A weapon is present
  • Threats of violence or intimidation being made
  • Property is being damaged
  • Stalking or actual violence taking place

Call Security

All risks and threats of violence on campus, and any suspicious behaviour should be reported to Security any time of the day or night.

0800 373 7550

Internal ph: ext 8500

Emergency internal phone: 966

External ph: 09 373 7550 or 0800 373 7550

These phone numbers are for any campus.

Personal safety

If a violence or a conflict situation occurs:

  • The first priority is to keep yourself safe
  • Move immediately to a safe place or room with access to a an exit, or ensure there is some barrier between you and the perpetrator such as a table
  • Try to stay calm, e.g., lower your voice, don’t make any sudden movements

The Emergency Response Booklet includes how to take preventative measures in avoiding threats to personal safety.


Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Report any dangerous or potentially dangerous incidents or hazards to your local Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee.