In an emergency

In an emergency call 111

Ask for police and give exact location

111 Website

When to call the police

  • When there is imminent danger
  • A weapon is present
  • Threats of violence or intimidation being made
  • Property is being damaged
  • Stalking or actual violence taking place

Please take note of the 111 ‘Silent Solution’

For people who need to contact police in an emergency when it is unsafe to talk. In these situations, after ringing 111 the caller can then push 55 on a mobile or any key on a landline to be automatically put through to Police.

Other emergency and non-urgent safety contacts

Contacts and information sources including University security and the downloadable Emergency Guide

Personal safety

If a violence or a conflict situation occurs:

  • The first priority is to keep yourself safe
  • Move immediately to a safe place or room with access to a an exit, or ensure there is some barrier between you and the perpetrator such as a table
  • Try to stay calm, e.g., lower your voice, don’t make any sudden movements