Family and relationship violence and abuse - It's Not OK

The University is committed to being a safe place for students and staff. Learn about family and relationship violence policies, how to help those affected, and who to contact if you are experiencing abuse.

Where there is a real or imminent threat to personal safety, call the police on 111 immediately.

In an emergency

Find out how to respond to requests for support and how to be a supportive friend or colleague and active bystander.

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Find out what action you can take if you’re dealing with cyber harassment or abuse and where to go for more advice.

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Important and helpful websites with access to immediate advice.

Find out more

Find out who you can talk to and what support there is to be safe both within and outside the University.

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Here you’ll find strategies to change old habits and behaviours and a list of supportive organisations you can contact.

Change is possible

Detailed information on providing support and information on receiving disclosures, responding appropriately to disclosures and maintaining confidentiality.

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The Women’s Refuge icon at the bottom of this and every University web-page means you can report abuse and get help, without that communication being traceable.

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