Family Violence - It's Not OK Project at the University

Where there is a real or imminent threat to personal safety, call the police on 111 immediately.

During COVID-19 there is expected to be an increase in family and relationship violence. If you need to access immediate advice for yourself or for supporting someone experiencing family or relationship violence call the Shine Helpline for support and information:

Phone: 0508 744 633
Hours: 9am-11pm, Monday-Sunday

Additional domestic violence helpline options are:

Are you OK
Phone: 0800 456 450

1737 Need to Talk
24/7 Counselling

Women’s Refuge
Phone: 0800 733 843

I want to stop using violence

Refuges continue to remain open for those needing a safe place to stay.

Shielded websites

A Women’s Refuge icon at the bottom of every University of Auckland web page enables people to report and seek advice on abusive relationships without their communications being traceable via their browser history. 

Further information

Further information on family and relationship violence and abuse is available from:

Family and relationship violence is abuse by someone close to us, such as a partner, family member or flatmate.

Family and relationship violence can be experienced by anyone.

Family and relationship violence can take many forms, including physical, psychological, sexual, financial or spiritual abuse. It can disrupt the ability to study or work and can negatively affect performance, effectiveness, safety and wellbeing. It can also impact colleagues, friends and other members of the University community.

We are committed to being safe, inclusive and equitable. We affirm that family and relationship violence is unacceptable and that every person is entitled to respect, and to live free from fear and abuse.