What the University can do

If you are experiencing family or relationship violence there are a number of practical steps you can take to help end the abuse.

Reasonable considerations

If violence by someone close to you is affecting your study or work, you may request support through reasonable considerations.

These may include flexible study or work arrangements, leave or other considerations so you have the opportunity to go to medical, legal or counselling appointments; seek safe housing; re-arrange childcare; or tend to other matters as a result of family violence. For more detail, read our Family Violence Policy and Guidelines.

Your request will be considered sensitively and not unreasonably refused. In some circumstances it may be necessary to provide further information.

Our provisions are aimed at protecting your confidentiality, providing you with appropriate support, and ensuring you are not treated less favourably if you tell us about your circumstances.

Campus personal safety plan

A campus personal safety plan may be recommended if the person using violence studies or works at the University, or tries to contact you or your friends or colleagues while you're on campus.

This may be developed in consultation with departments like University Security, IT Services or Early Childhood Education (ECE) if you have a child attending one of our ECE centres.

It may include an assessment of communications, plans to respond to emergencies, and an assessment of physical workplace security if you're a staff member.

For more information, read our Campus personal safety planning guide.


Human Resources, University Health and Counselling Service and the Proctors can provide support and advice to your faculty or service division on the local implementation of our Family and Relationship Violence Policy and Guidelines