Animal Ethics Committee

Terms of reference

To ensure protocols for use of animals in research and teaching are in accordance with legislative requirements.


  1. Conflicts of Interest
    Committee members must declare any real or perceived conflicts of interest in line with the requirements of the University’s Conflicts of Interest Policy.
  2. Confidentiality
    Committee members have a responsibility to treat all information with appropriate confidentiality. This includes matters tabled or discussed at the Committee meetings, as well as any additional issues that are raised outside meetings.


i.) Chairperson nominated by the Office of the Vice Chancellor', following consultation with the AEC.

ii.) Dean of Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences or their nominee.

iii.) Dean of the Faculty of Science or their nominee.

iv.) An animal facilities manager of the University of Auckland, appointed after consultation with the DVC(R).

v.) Two representatives of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

vi.) One representative of the Faculty of Science.

vii.) At least one suitable lay member not affiliated with the University or scientific community or with an animal welfare agency to represent the public interest nominated by a territorial or regional council.

viii.) One veterinarian nominated by the N. Z. Veterinary Association, not a member of the University staff.

ix.) A nominee of the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Inc. who shall not be a member of the University staff.

x.) Animal Ethics Committee secretary in attendance.

The Animal Welfare Officer shall be invited to meetings in an advisory role.The committee shall have power to co-opt, for a period of three years. The term of appointment for all members is three years. A member shall remain in office until their successor is appointed. Where a causal vacancy arises, the member appointed to fill the vacancy shall be appointed for the remaining term of the member being replaced. All AEC members shall be eligible for reappointment subject to consultation with the nominating organisation or Faculty.

Animal Ethics Committee reports to Council.