Education Committee

Terms of reference

  • To advise and recommend to Senate on academic policy developments
  • To advise and recommend on policy and regulations relating to:
    • University entrance
    • Recruitment admission and enrolment
    • Limitations and selection criteria
    • Discipline
    • Other matters of an academic nature
  • To recommend on and oversee Departmental and Programme Reviews
  • To advise and recommend on academic matters relating to distance education
  • To recommend on public lecture series
  • To recommend on academic appointments to outside bodies
  • To oversee academic audit processes
  • To receive reports from Inter-Faculty Boards of Study
  • To advise on academic relationships with other institutions
  • To consider and recommend New Scholarship and Award Regulations received through the Scholarships Sub-Committee



  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) - Chair
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Equity)
  • Pro Vice Chancellor (Māori)
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Pacific)
  • Dean of each Faculty or nominee
  • Director, Academic Services
  • Two professorial members elected by the professoriate
  • Two sub-professorial staff elected by sub-professorial staff
  • President Auckland University Students Association or nominee

Education Committee reports to Senate.

Committee members and term of office

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) Holds office until
Associate Professor B Kool - Chair Ex-officio
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Equity)
Holds office until
Professor C Stinear Ex-officio
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Māori)
Holds office until
Associate Professor T Hoskins
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Pacific)
Holds office until
Dean of each Faculty or nominee
Holds office until
Associate Professor J Brown (nominee), Arts
Mrs S Laurenson (nominee), Business and Economics Ex-officio
Associate Professor D Lines,(nominee), Creative Arts and Industries Ex-officio
Dr B Staniforth (nominee), Education and Social Work Ex-officio
Dr M Hodgson (nominee), Engineering Ex-officio
Associate Professor J Ip (nominee), Law Ex-officio
Dr L Wilkinson-Meyers (nominee), Medical and Health Sciences Ex-officio
Associate Professor B Fedrizzi (nominee), Science Ex-officio
Director, Academic Services or Nominee
Holds office until
Ms J Browne
Two Professorial Members Elected by the Professoriate
Holds office until
Professor C Wall (FMHS) 31.01.2024 
Professor N Rowe (CAI) 31.01.2024 
Two Sub-Professorial Staff Elected by Sub-Professorial Staff
Holds office until
Ms E Sadera
Associate Professor H Dixon 31.01.25
President Auckland University Students' Association or
Holds office until
Mr A Shaker 30.11.2022
President Postgraduate Students’ Association or
Holds office until
TBA 30.11.2022

Committee Secretary

Wendy Verschaeren
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 85782

Schedule of meetings

9.00 am
28.03.2022 9.00 am
16.05.2022 9.00 am
04.07.2022 9.00 am
05.09.2022 9.00 am
14.11.2022 9.00 am

No meeting in December.