Human Participants Ethics Committee

Function of the Committee

  • To review, and, where satisfied that it is appropriate, approve submitted research for compliance with ethical principles
  • To provide advice and assistance in regard to ethical principles to anyone undertaking such research
  • To receive and record information concerning adverse events
  • From time to time, to conduct audits of approved projects to ensure that the research has been carried out according to the approval that was given.

Terms of reference

  • To ensure that research involving human participants conducted by members of the University community complies with the highest appropriate ethical standards
  • To protect the interests of participants, the researcher and the University of Auckland
  • To promote awareness within the university community of ethical issues relating to research with human participants
  • To provide an avenue for handling complaints or queries made by any interested person


  1. Conflicts of Interest
    Committee members must declare any real or perceived conflicts of interest in line with the requirements of the University’s Conflicts of Interest Policy.
  2. Confidentiality
    Committee members have a responsibility to treat all information with appropriate confidentiality. This includes matters tabled or discussed at the Committee meetings, as well as any additional issues that are raised outside meetings.


  • One member nominated by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts (Institutional)
  • One member nominated by the Dean of the Business School (Institutional)
  • Two members nominated by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (Institutional)
  • One member nominated by the Dean of the Faculty of Science (Institutional)
  • One member nominated by the Dean of the Faculty of Education (Institutional)
  • One member with legal expertise nominated by the Dean of Law (Institutional/Lay)
  • Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) or nominee (Institutional)
  • One member who has expertise in the area of Moral Philosophy appointed by Council on the advice of the Head of Department of Philosophy (Institutional/Lay)
  • Pro Vice Chancellor (Maori) or nominee (Institutional/Lay)
  • One Student Representative nominated by AUSA Executive Committee (Lay)
  • Two lay members approved by Council (Lay)
  • One member from the Community-at-large (Lay)
  • Up to eight (8) co-opted members, taking into account the need to have at least two Maori members, representation of the community at large, expertise in clinical aspects of the social sciences, and appropriate ethnic and gender balance (Institutional / Lay)

University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee reports to Council annually, and at other times as requested by Council.

Schedule of meetings

Date Time
17.02.2021 12.30pm
03, 17 & 31.03.2021 12.30pm
21.04.2021 12.30pm
05 & 19.05.2021 12.30pm
02, 16 & 30.06.2021 12.30pm
14 & 28.07.2021 12.30pm
11 & 25.08.2021 12.30pm
08 & 22.09.2021 12.30pm
06 & 20.10.2021 12.30pm
03 & 17.11.2021 12.30pm
01 & 08.12.2021 12.30pm