Crises on campus

What to do if you experience or witness a potential crisis on campus.

Follow these instructions

  1. Call the Police on 111
  2. Call the 24-hour Security Emergency Line on 0800 373 7550 or 966 (internal)
  3. Stay with or near the person until help has arrived
  4. Hand the crisis over to the Police and Security

Please remember: Crises need to be handled by trained professionals. Staff and students should not be taking any action to support the person in crisis other than to alert officials.

How to identify a crisis

We all have a role in keeping our campuses safe. If you’re unsure if you or someone you see is experiencing a crisis, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Be an upstander – call for help. Crises are best handled by trained professionals.

You might be able to identify a crisis is occurring if someone appears to be:

  • Endangering themselves (e.g., threatening to hurt themselves)
  • A danger to others (e.g., is threatening to hurt other people)
  • Mentally unwell (e.g., out of touch with reality, delusional)
  • Making you feel unsafe