Get to know some of our academic staff

Dr Helen Sword on writing

Professor Helen Sword from the Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education talks with Jesse Mulligan on Radio New Zealand about stylish writing and ‘zombie nouns’.

Radio New Zealand National
Mary Sewell: Ocean acidification in Antarctic

Are results of climate change in the Antarctic the "canary in the coalmine" for what will happen in New Zealand's waters?

Does obesity start in the womb?

PhD student Jasmine Plows talks to Kathryn Ryan on Nine to Noon about her research into gestational diabetes, and developing potential treatments to prevent it.

  • The science of sleep

    Dr Tony Fernando discusses ‘late sleepers with with Hayley Holt on TVNZ's Breakfast.

  • Elemental medicine

    Dame Carol Robinson talks to Kim Hill about her groundbreaking research in chemical biology.

  • Richard Easther: Origins of the Universe

    Professor Richard Easther heads the department of physics where he focuses on the physics of the very early universe. Listen to him talk about the cosmos with Jesse Mulligan on Radio New Zealand.

  • Could gut bacteria help obese teens lose weight?

    Paediatric endocrinologist Professor Wayne Cutfield was interviewed on RNZ's Nine to Noon on August 9, about the weight loss trial involving gut bugs from lean young people to help obese teenagers lose weight.