Note Taken

If you haven’t heard of Notable, it is just a matter of time before you do. Notable was launched in July 2012 by fourth year University of Auckland software engineering students Jordan Thoms and Hengjie Wang.

The internet note taking application created by the duo was ignited by internships the pair did earlier this year as part of their degree at the heart of Silicon Valley in San Francisco. Notable currently has 450 users from various faculties. Fellow student Alliv Samson (pictured right), who graduated with her BA in Film & Television, Media Studies and Political Studies from the University last year, is responsible for the creative design and marketing of Notable. The team from Cecil collaborated with Hengjie and Jordan to enable Cecil to be synchronised to Notable so students can load their lecture notes onto the programme.

The problem Notable aims to solve, says Hengjie, “is the ability to take notes next to your lecture slides so you don’t lose the context of what you’re actually writing”.

Not only is Notable a note taking tool, it allows students to share their own notes, comments and questions with each other in real time, and live during lectures.

With the average class size at the University being 120 strong (Engineering and Law can go up to 1000), Hengjie and Jordan’s aim was to develop a way of breaking down barriers between students in classes of this size.

Jordan is excited to note that people from other universities around New Zealand and Australia are signing up. And notable has been lauded by University lecturers such as Adam Blake from the eLearning Group at the Centre for Academic Development. “Notable is very simple to understand and easy to use, but powerful. By enabling students to access course materials online and add their own notes directly alongside each page, whether during a lecture or off campus, it encourages students to take more ownership of their learning”.

Notable recently qualified for the University’s $100,000.00 Spark Entrepreneurship Challenge, so the business partners are now concentrating on their business plan and getting ready to pitch to investors.