Meet one of our top teachers: Alison Jones

University of Auckland teachers or teaching teams have won 19 National Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards, one in every year but one since their inception in 2002.

The awards recognise and celebrate New Zealand’s finest tertiary teachers and this year three of the ten awards went to University of Auckland teachers.

Professor Alison Jones

Professor Alison Jones began teaching at the University in 1986, and joined Te Puna Wānanga, School of Māori Education, in 2004. She has worked in the field of sociology of education for many years and published books and articles in a number of areas of study, including feminist theory, an ethnography of Pacific Islands girls’ schooling, and social anxiety about touching children. Her current focus is on Maori-Pakeha educational relationships reflected in her latest book (with Kuni Jenkins) Words Between Us; He Korero: First Maori-Pakeha Conversations on Paper (Huia, 2011).

Alison also teaches research methodologies and offers academic writing workshops for staff and graduate students. She has had outstanding success supervising postgraduate students, especially Māori and Pacific Island students. She identifies three keys to her teaching: forming a supportive and inspiring relationship that will get the best work from the student; the importance of collective learning to the development of researchers; and the idea that researchers are writers, and that academic writing should be engaging and interesting. Her academic writing workshops, in demand in New Zealand and elsewhere, are “legendary”.

“Perhaps because I don’t like unnecessary intellectual obfuscation, and poor argument depresses me, I enjoy unpacking ideas and making sense of them with others. And I particularly love reading good writing – so that is what I expect from my students.”


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