• Missy Morton
    An inclusive society begins at school
    08 August 2018
    Achieving the society we want must begin with inclusive education and schools that welcome all, says Professor Missy Morton (CRISTIE).
  • elizabeth-rata
    Closing NZ’s knowledge gap
    06 August 2018
    Professor Elizabeth Rata (EDSW) argues against an ‘empty national curriculum’ that is denying young people equal access to rich and valuable knowledge.
  • Jane Norton - web
    No free speech crisis in NZ
    30 July 2018
    Despite strongly divided opinions over a visit by Canadian alt-right speakers, there is no freedom of speech crisis in NZ says Dr Jane Calderwell Norton (Law).
  • John McCaffery
    'Māori has gone mainstream': the resurgence of New Zealand's te reo language
    28 July 2018
    John McCaffery (Te Puna Wānanga) and Arapera Bella Ngaha (Maori Studies) feature in the Guardian’s story 'Māori has gone mainstream': the resurgence of New Zealand's te reo language.
  • Poi
    What poi can do for your health
    26 July 2018
    Kate Riegl van West (Dance Studies) talks about older people and the health-giving benefits of twirling poi – for both the mind and body.
  • Newsroom logo (thumbnail)
    Keeping science serious by avoiding the 'p' word
    24 July 2018
    Tom Bodey (Biological Sciences) talks about behaviour differences in individual animal species – but avoids talking ‘personality’ to keep his science serious.
  • Associate Professor Stephen Hoadley
    Trump-Putin summit: poker or chess?
    20 July 2018
    Associate Professor Stephen Hoadley (Politics and International Studies) looks for potentially constructive initiatives from the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki.
  • t-Melinda Webber
    Ethnic ‘mixedness’ on the rise
    17 July 2018
    Dr Melinda Webber (Te Puna Wānanga) believes the increase in people with multiple ethnicities means individuals will find their own way of ‘belonging’.
  • Minako O'Hagan
    Why language matters in a crisis
    17 July 2018
    Language skills are often overlooked in international rescue missions but can be key to success says Associate Professor Minako O’Hagan (Translation Studies).
  • th-susan-st-john-web
    Working for Families perversely misunderstood
    16 July 2018
    Honorary Associate Professor Susan St John (Economics) says Working for Families was seriously eroded by the last government and we must do better for NZ children.
  • Ian Hyslop
    Pākehā tolerance won’t restore Māori power
    16 July 2018
    Restoring real power to Iwi Māori will require more than a little bit of cultural tolerance within a liberal capitalist Pākehā world says Dr Ian Hyslop (CHSSW).
  • James Oleson
    NZ judges reject confines of three-strike straightjacket
    13 July 2018
    NZ’s judges prize individualised justice when sentencing rather than the parole-free maximums of the third strike laws writes Dr James Oleson (Criminology).
  • Francis Hunter
    The genes that may predict cancer survival
    12 July 2018
    Dr Francis Hunter (FMHS) tells Newsroom about his work on genes that may determine cancer survival and the search for new treatments for hard-to-cure cancers.
  • t-tim-dare_th_64
    Tread carefully with big data ethics
    11 July 2018
    Big data needs adequate ethical controls, but they must be applied carefully and reliability should take precedence over transparency, says Professor Tim Dare (Philosophy).
  • Professor Mark Billinghurst
    Here, put these on and feel what I feel
    09 July 2018
    Professor Mark Billinghurst (ABI) talks about technology being developed at the university that lets people share each other's experiences in real time.
  • shaun-hendy-web
    Skip flying and walk the walk
    06 July 2018
    Recognising the hypocrisy of scientists' carbon footprint, Professor Shaun Hendy (Physics) is avoiding air travel for 2018 and going by bus, train or on foot to be kinder to the climate, and tells us about it in this Newsroom article.
  • Andrew McDaid
    Five minutes with: a robot builder
    05 July 2018
    Dr Andrew McDaid (Mechanical Engineering) talks to Newsroom about building wearable robotic limbs to help people with strokes and disabilities, and using video games to make physio more fun.
  • profile-alex-sims-web
    Money and its myths
    04 July 2018
    In this Newsroom article Associate Professor Alex Sims (Commercial Law) discusses the myths and problems around money and questions whether cryptocurrencies will be any better than bank notes as a store of value.
  • Daniel Vidal
    Agile at Spark a ‘recipe for disaster’?
    28 June 2018
    In this Newsroom opinion piece, Associate Professor Daniel Vidal (Graduate School of Management) asks if Spark’s notice to staff to agree to a new “Agile” way of working is a recipe for disaster.
  • Associate Professor Michael O'Brien
    Time to tackle welfare system with both hands
    26 June 2018
    The Welfare Expert Advisory Group has an opportunity to turn around the harmful and ill-informed changes made to our welfare system in recent years, writes Mike O'Brien (Education and Social Work).