Bringing ideas to life

01 December 2017

For us at Auckland UniServices, bringing Ideas to Life means bringing together the talent, the science and technology, the business model and the route to market required to bring some of the most compelling ideas in the world to life as products and services that make a real difference to people’s lives.

The innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem at the University of Auckland, of which we are proud to be a part, produces a rich source of talent for us through the thousands of students and staff who have gone through development programs like Velocity, the famous business planning and start-up competition that has produced great companies like PowerbyProxi (which has recently been acquired by the world’s most valuable company, Apple).

“We can combine that emerging entrepreneurial talent with the deep intellectual property created by worldclass researchers and their students at the University of Auckland to build great new companies, like StretchSense; creating jobs and global financial benefits for New Zealand.”

To help us bring these great ideas to market, we have built another key element of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem – Return on Science. Made up of serial entrepreneurs, early-stage investors and industry experts, the five Return on Science Investment Committees (ICT, Life Sciences, Engineering & Physical Sciences, Agritech and Momentum – our student investment committee) have helped 100’s of new ideas define and access the team, the market and the investment they need to really come to life.

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Dr Andy Shenk
CEO, Auckland UniServices


Reproduced with permission from the National Business Review (NBR), Bringing ideas to life from NBR Radar, published Friday 1 December 2017.