Robb Lectures 2012 - Professor Alison Gopnik


A series of three lectures by Professor Alison Gopnik on 'The philosophical baby: What children’s minds can teach us about the big questions' held in May 2012.

Philosophers and psychologists used to think that babies and young children were irrational, egocentric and amoral. But the last 30 years of scientific research has completely overturned that view - in some ways children are smarter, more caring and even more conscious than adults are. This new view of babies and young children has brought new and sometimes startling insights about some of the Big Questions of philosophy: questions like How can we find the truth? Where does consciousness come from? What is the nature of morality?

Alison Gopnik is a professor of psychology and affiliate professor of philosophy at the University of California at Berkeley.

Triangle Telelvision's IN CONVERSATION programme with Alison Gopnik will screen on Wednesday 30 May  at 7pm; repeat on Thursday 31 May at 12.30pm.
Triangle TV can be found (Auckland only) on UHF Ch. 41.
You can also watch online (live streaming) and


Lecture 1 - Thursday 17 May: The power of possibility: Truth, imagination and learning.

Lecture 2 - Monday 21 May: What is it like to be a baby? Consciousness, attention and memory.

Lecture 3 - Wednesday 23 May: Love and law: Caregiving and morality.